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Fox Valley Area, WI | 920-370-2475

South Central WI | 608-444-4230

North Central WI | 715-570-6213

North Eastern WI and Upper MI | 920-362-5711

Tomah Area, WI | 920-595-0639

“Time is of the essence” when it comes to the

transportation industry! From emergency

service 24/7 to scheduled routine preventative

maintenance on your fleet, our mobile uptime

service is just one more convenience we offer

to our customers. Let our expert service

technicians come to you!

Service Truck 2016

Our mobile service trucks are fully equipped with the tools necessary to complete a wide variety of repairs onsite. We also offer routine preventative maintenance programs for fleets which can be scheduled when it is convenient for you to help reduce vehicle downtime. We fully understand the importance of getting your equipment repaired and back on the road as soon as possible. In addition to the mobile service trucks based out of each of our locations, we also have 5 independent mobile uptime service trucks that cover areas throughout Central and Northern Wisconsin to help satisfy our customer needs no matter where service is needed. Contact us today for more information!




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